This website is about Shiva-yoga, so of course profound thanks and gratitudes must go to the Shivayogis who infinitely blessed to make it possible. My inexpressible gratitude and pranams (salutations) to my blessed, adorable and worshipful Gurudeva His Holiness Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji for HIS infinite blessings without which this work would have never begun. I am also grateful to Shri Balbhim Anna, Shri Swamiji’s principal and spiritually highly advanced disciple for his blessings to this work. Their divine spiritual force helped materialize this website. I bow to both Gurudeva and Gurubandhu, Shri Anna in whom we find clearest manifestation of Shri Swamiji’s spirit. When I bow to Gurudeva, in HIM I also bow to Lord Shiva and all Shivayogis of past and present. I owe HIM everything.

No work of this nature can be completed without the help of generous, kind and patient people. I would like to thank all such people who immensely and generously helped me during the development of this website.

First and foremost my deepest thanks to my dear friend, Prashant Mhatre for his profound help in making this website as it is today. His experience and expertise in developing his own website helped me with his support and prudent advice in developing this website in time and therefore we could inaugurate it on 94th Birth Anniversary of Gurudeva. In developing the website, I have disturbed, interrupted and troubled Prashant many a time, yet I have never once met anything but patience and politeness. The valuable suggestions that I have received from him were indispensable in the completion of the website. Devotees of Shri Swamiji spread across the world are thankful to him and have sent in their prayers to God and Gurudeva for the prosperity and happiness of Prashant and his family. His friendship first with my brother, Shrinivas and then with me, we consider, is a special blessings of Shri Swamiji to us.

I also owe my deepest thanks to Lakshmi, Dubravka Rukavina from Zagreb, Croatia. It was her dream to have a website on Gurudeva. She is a disciple of H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji. I have no words to express my gratitude for her encouragement, inspiration, compassion and love for me. She played many roles during the development of the website – voluntary editor, a cheerleader, an inspiring divine force and above all.I am truly grateful to her. My many thanks to Lakshmi for her promptness in providing me with His Holiness’ unpublished material and for her valuable suggestions and confirming some sections of the website. The section, “Jewels of Wisdom” is entirely her own creative idea which has truly added the value of the website. Therefore, that section is aptly dedicated to her with love and deep respect. Her divine and spiritual force out of her uncomparable love and undying devotion to the Gurudeva invisibly helped to promote the progress on the path of development of the website and inspired its completion as it stands today.

The website owes much to the invaluable suggestions, creative ideas and inspiring comments of my friend, Mr. Santosh Kindre. In particular, some subsections have truly become better, more illustrative and benefited from his ideas. I am also thankful to my friend Mr. Karthikeyan Senniappan, for he generously allowed me to use his digital camera which helped me to snap some wonderful photos of Ishtalinga. I am also thankful to my friend Mr. Girish Uppin for taking snaps of ‘Ishtalinga Worship’ and ‘Shiva-yoga Practice’ which provided a great aid for presentations on Shiva-yoga held in Maryland and Virigina.

My special thanks also to Madirakshi from Zagreb, Croatia, Shri Sadashiv Golsangi, a Retired Executive Engineer of Maharashtra State, India and a senior and ardent devotee of Shri Swamiji who had fortune of personal association with Shri Swamiji for 41 long years, my friend Dr.Sanjeev Dasrao Muskwad for their warm, inspirational and encouraging messages on the occasion of inauguration of this website. I am moved by these messages.

I have no words to express deepest thanks for ceaseless, untiring efforts taken by Mr. Pierre Schintone, France to digitally remaster many of Gurudeva’s photos. His unique contribution of creating Ishtalinga pictures is incredible and I always remain indebted to him for his kind co-operation.

Last but not least, my thanks conclude with a special note of gratitude to my wife, Dr.Nirupama, who has cheerfully endured my preoccupation with the development of website. I am thankful for her support that allowed me to devote so much time to my work. She has persevered with me through this process, and has given me encouragement and support when I was tired.

I ardently pray to God and my beloved Gurudeva, Shri Kumarswamiji that this website may help all who read it in their search for truth and happiness; and that this happiness may in turn spread to others so that the hearts of all beings may in some way be opened. This work is therefore dedicated unto the Holy Feet of my divine Gurudeva, H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji with the wish for the welfare and happiness of all beings.


Shankar Sagare,

 M.Tech (I.I.T.,Bombay)
  12th Aug. 2003, Rakhi Poornima