Divine Message II


Divya Sandesh (Divine Message 2) delivered on 4th December, 1967.



In the last message delivered on the 22nd August, 1966 I declared that the situation of the world would grow worse, that the people in those days would say, “The earth is satan’s, let him have it,” but the Adepts would come forth and say, “The earth is God’s and as God’s we shall take it”.

Yes, the Adepts hail from the valley of the Blue Moon. The valley of the Blue Moon is a physical place on this earth; though it is hardly accessible to human beings, yet it has been inhabited by the Adepts because of their incorporeal bodies.

Our bodies are corporeal, prana-tanu whereas the bodies of the Adepts are incorporeal, pranava-tanu. They have succeeded in transforming prana-tanu into pranava-tanu by certain occult methods. Prana is vitality or rather it is the �lan vital which is both individual and cosmic. The cosmic vital is called Mahaprana which is surcharged with electricity of myriad dimensions. All visible and invisible happenings in the universe, all activities of the human body, which is a homogeneous part of the whole, naturally come under the control of the cosmic vital; and as it functions in the body, it is named variously according to the activity of the body it controls and the situation it occupies. The cosmic vital functions in the body under five names – prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana. The prana moves in the heart, the apana in the sphere of the anus; the samana in the region of the navel; the udana in the throat and the vyana pervades the whole body. It is these five pranas that animate the body, govern its functions and maintain the machinery of its metabolism. But in human bodies the movement of these pranas is slow and sluggish, and their functions at times are erratic and abnormal. The Adepts transform the ordinary prana-tanu into the extraordinary pranava-tanu by replacing the slow, stumbling and laboured five fold function of prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana, by a single simplified action of Mahaprana which vitalizes the whole body making it immune from death. It is thus that the Adpets accomplish Kayasiddhi, the perfection of the body, the body which is invulnerable, incorruptible and incorporeal.

Death is rightly styled debatum nature, for when a man dies he pays his debt to nature. The body is claimed back by nature as the final repayment of accumulated debt. Now the question crops up, can death be avoided? Is it possible to achieve the deathlessness of the body? The adepts answer this question in the affirmative, saying that death can be avoided by dematerializing and spiritualizing the body according to certain prescription, so that it may remain immaculate and immortal. Such an immaculate and immortal body is termed pranava-tanu and its vitalities manifestly maintained on a ceaseless supply of the unseen and universal Mahaprana. Though seemingly opaque, the trans-substantiated body neither casts a shadow nor leaves a footprint. Here you may recall the case of Allama Prabhu. A slashing sword plunging through it can no more make an imprint upon it than upon the air. It cannot be felt by touch or handling. The Adept can materialize and dematerialize his body at will; he can appear in his transfigured body or he can disappear openly in the transparency of space with no indication as to his future whereabouts. But under exceptional circumstances, he can make himself visible to the citizens of the earth; if he wills, he may stay in his pranava-tanu for a while being shielded from the public gaze, among those souls who have planted their feet on the pure path.

The Adepts are in direct communication with the Supreme being receiving from him specific admonitions, regarding the denouncement of our times, and the outcome of the antics of those who are drunk made with power and of those who see nothing but a chance in the trend of events. The modern man, in his conceit, thinks that volcanic eruptions are due to the play of blind natural forces. He supposes that great tidal waves happen by accident. He sees in storm only the self-play of elements causing destruction by nature’s whims and caprices. He does not discern the hand of the Divine Artist behind all these phenomena. He does not recollect a time when a vast continent like the Atlantis sunk beneath the waves, because the Atlanteans who were mighty in muscles and mammoth in magic had deported themselves evilly, because they did not visualize in the logic of event, the mighty hand of the time-spirit as ordained by the Divine. The Adepts advise us to be meek in spirit and not mighty in muscles, because the men and nations soon enter upon a condition of interstellar revolutions in which events take to shape that could never have occurred in the past times. It is well with us and success will surely crown our efforts if we but pay heed to the advice of the Adepts, for they are the Messengers of God, the Harbingers of peace, the Passengers of the divine path.

The world is deafened by useless words, words of insipid advice, words of false hopes and of fond illusions, words of cheap propaganda and of chary slogans. Not garrulous speech but grave silence is the need of the day. The 20th century has made many contributions to the modern civilization; of all these the contribution of the noise is the supreme. It ranges from the hearth to the heaven, from the interior span to the interstellar space. I urge upon you to observe silence at least for one day in a week. It is very helpful for self-introspection. Man must needs turn away from the world of noise into the inward stillness, into the interior silence to become aware of the Reality which transcends space and time. The present condition of the world is diseased. The voice of God cannot be heard in the world today:


“O God we find thee in the silence of the heart.

Not in the noises of life’s busy mart.

We hear thy voice when the soul is in tune.

We get thy breath when the heart is hewn.”


There will rage a storm as the world has never seen before. There will be no safety by arms, no help from authority, no answer in science. It will rage till every flower of culture is trampled and all human things are leveled in a vast chaos – dark night. But the dark ages of which history speaks were not really so dark; even if the light had gone out of Europe altogether there were lights in other continents at which it could have been rekindled. But the dark age that are to come will envelope the whole world in a single pall. There will be no light save in sanctuaries such as are too secret to be found or too humble to be noticed. To be gentle and patient, to care for the riches of the mind, to dwell in wisdom, while the storm rages without, is the one thing needful for us all.





H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji,
Divya Sandesh 2 (Divine Message 2),
Tapovan, Dharwad
4th Dec. 1967.



This article ‘Divine Message II’ is taken from H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s articles published in, ‘Silver Jubilee Souvenir’, 1990.