Divine Message III


 Divine Message 3, delivered on 1st January, 1970.



 The Adepts of whom I spoke in my two previous messages are no mere figments but real persons endowed with marvellous powers. An Adept is one who, being born as a human being, has attained to the status of omniscience by dint of personal exertion, by means of certain occult processes. Omniscience is by no means a fiction but it is a fact, because the soul is by nature pure consciousness which intuits all substances with all their modes. In this state of omniscience there is nothing to be known and nothing remains unknown. Omniscience is divine knowledge which is all embracing and eternal, which is a single all comprehending intuition and which grasps the past, present and future in one eternal now. It is, therefore, possible for the Adept who is entirely free from the fetters of Karma, to have a knowledge of the whole world by a single flash of intuition. That is why one Adept declared thus: �We know all things, we are aware of all that takes place on this little planet named Earth. We knew of your coming months before you even decided to come here. You see, when you thought you had used an act of will in deciding to come here, you had merely acted under our telepathic instructions.� Since the soul inhabits the body, it is through the development of bodily functions that the powers of the soul such as omniscience, immortality and immaculacy are manifested.

The Adept says that we are wonderfully made. How wonderfully we are made! we hardly care to know. Few of us have an idea of the amazing intricacy and variety of the processes that take place in our bodies which are, as it were, nature’s crowning masterpieces. The Yoga science furnishes us with authentic information of our tabernacle in the light of the most modern discoveries of medicine and physiology. The foundations of Yoga are laid in the solid physical structure of the human body. Man’s body is indeed a miracle. The different systems that make it an organic whole show an extremely beautiful arrangement of parts and great skill in operation. The most important and complicated of them all is the central nervous system with its stem and innumerable branches spread out in all directions. This gives it an appearance of a tree. The flowers that blossom on this tree of life are the chakras or plexuses. The knots at various places are the ductless glands. The fruit grows on the top most part of the tree. Flowers and fruits are not visible to the physical sight. Only the bare tree with its branches and branchlets is to be seen. To enjoy the fragrance of the flower and the sweetness of the fruit, that is to attain immortality, definite steps have to be taken. This forms the practical part of Yoga as an occult science.

Physiology has discovered functional hierarchy and the levels of function are three – the humoral, the autonomous and the voluntary. Of these three the humoral is the basic and it plays an important part in the preservation of the body. The Yoga science has recognized this fact long ago with an insistence on the electro-structure of the physical body. The humoral has for its essential function the regulation of all the chemical processes going on within the cells and is called metabolism. This function is under the rule of grandular system. The chemical elements absorbed in food or otherwise are first turned into colloids by the various digestive processes and then passed into the blood, finally to be distributed as reserves by the endocrine glands. The research has been carried far enough to have gained for physiology synoptic vision of the whole humoral system, and of the wonderful subtlety which it meets all the needs of the organism and keeps the specifically human equilibrium. The thyroid deals with iodine, the pituitary with bromine, the parathyroid with calcium, the suprarenals with the alkalies, the liver and the pancreas with sugar. The equilibrium is constantly maintained by vitamins. Physiology has ascertained the correspondence of vitamin C with the suprarenal harmones, of vitamin A with the thyroid, of vitamin E with the kidneys and gonads. Vitamin D acts like the hormone secreted by the parathyroid and vitamin B has an antagonistic action towards the thyroid gland.

The theory of life as combustion is now superseded by one of electrical induction. The body can no longer be likened to a machine run by heat whose activity is measured in calories; it has now become an electric engine. In the humoral system electricity is found to play an important part. Since living substance is in its nature colloidal, whether in the flowing humors or in plasm of the cells, its isolated particles carry electrical charges. These charges constitute a highly differentiated electric lining to the somatic substance of the body, whose chemical and organic complexity it espouses and whose activity it commands. Now it has been established that living matter is colloidal in structure, and the colloidal state is maintained by the electric charges which keep the particles of substance separate. The difference between dead and living matter precisely lies in this that in death the isolated particles of the colloids lose their electric charges and become physically inert as they become electrically extinct. The aging of the tissues would be due to the loss suffered by them in the tension of their colloidal charges. The colloidal constitution of living substances has for its counter-part an organized lining of electrical charges. These charges represent an all important factor in the maintenance of the vital tonus of the organism. It is on the basis of the electro-structure which maintains the vital tonus of the organism, the Yoga science asserts that the physical body could be electrified to such an extent as to be literally free from disease and death.

Physiology has recognized the importance of the middle brain and of the endocrine glands; it has therefore, set a value upon the pituitary and pineal glands. A special relationship unites the pituitary gland with the roof of the third ventricle on the one hand, and on the other with the whole system of ductless glands throughout the body. The function of the pituitary is to control the development of the body to suit the development of consciousness. It exercises this function through the other ductless glands and has deserved, on that account, the title of conductor of the glandular orchestra. The Yoga science ascribes to the pituitary gland a special relationship with the psychic or astro-mental consciousness of man. It describes pituitary as the center of the clairvoyance. It is therefore, depicted as the organ through which the astro-mental consciousness of man can communicate with the physical world.

The third ventricle is a narrow slit lying near the base of the cerebral hemispheres and separating the two thalami from each other. At the posterior end of this slit a small nodule of grey matter projects backwards and overhangs the corpora quadrigamina of the mid brain. This is the pineal gland. It represents all that remains to us of a third eye which used to adorn the forehead of some of the lizard ancestors in far-off times. This type of lizard is found only in New Zealand and it dates back to the end of Palaezoic period in the Permian epoch. One of this lizard’s features is that it has a quite well developed third eye behind and between the usual two. This is known as the pineal eye and is represented in man by the pineal gland.

Modern anatomy says that the pituitary gland is situated at the skull with its two lobes anterior and posterior. The pineal gland is connected with the posterior portion of the pituitary. The pineal gland is like a tiny pine cone about one eighth of an inch in size and coloured grey; while pituitary is about the size of a ripe cherry and attached to the brain by a stalk. Pineal gland is the negative pole, being a counterpart of and complementary to the pituitary body which is the positive pole. It is for this reason Yoga science observes that the pineal is to the pituitary what Buddhi is to the Manas; it is the organ which responds to the light of pure thought or intuition. It is even considered to be the seat of soul. The pineal is of considerable importance for it acts on the nerve-endings within itself, and through them on the whole middle brain. Such a function alone would place it in a position of authority over the pituitary. The functional superiority of the pineal over the pituitary is enhanced by the fact that it will prevent the pituitary from awakening the sexual functions too soon and act as a check on the anterior lobe of the pituitary. This relationship between pineal action and sex development brings into bold relief a precious argument in favour of the association of the pineal gland with the spiritual nature of man.

The Yoga science describes the pineal gland as Bindu. Bindu is a dot like body which is situated in the ‘Itara-Linga’ or the medulla oblongata, by the side of which the vagus nerve takes its place. Bindu or the pineal is said to rule the region of the mid-brain. Just as in mathematics the center of a circle is called Bindu or a point, so the center of the physical body is termed Bindu and this Bindu is the pineal gland, which is the seat of cosmic thought. Human thought may be regarded as the result of suspended action, which the subject does not allow to proceed to its full realization. At each step new inhibitions intervene to prevent energy from immediately discharging itself in motive channels. This necessitates introversion or inward storing of energy until little by little thought is substituted for the inhibited action. It would therefore be a pity to confound introversion with open retrogression, since the latter marks a step backward in the line of evolution. Introversion is an indispensable condition of self-realization. It is a rich and luminous simplicity which achieves the dispersion of analysis by surpassing and overcoming it. It is the fruit of true intuition, the state of inner freedom. Hence in the complete introversion there is no loss of consciousness but a displacement of attention. Consciousness is dynamic, it is in fact something intensely mobile. When the exterior world has disappeared, the circle of consciousness contracts and seems to withdraw into the usually ignored cortical center wherein all organic functions and all psychic forces meet and there it enjoys unity. Herein lies the secret of ‘Samadhi’ Herein lies an instrument for penetrating to the depths of functional consciousness of supernal life.

The pineal gland is a rudimentary organ in most people, but it is slowly evolving. It is possible to quicken its evolution into a condition in which it can perform its proper function of apprehending events comprehensively and not piecemeal. The full development of this organ helps the Yogi to transcend mathematical time, which is only an illusion produced by the succession of states of consciousness, as one travels through the eternal duration. In Yoga-Shastra, this pineal gland is sometimes spoken of as the third eye and the function of this third eye takes place externally through the middle of the forehead. Hence, in the symbolic representation of Shiva, we see in the middle of the forehead, an opening with red flames issuing therefrom. This third eye is now atrophied, simply because the tendency of man has become vicious and it has got immersed in sexual pleasures. This eye and Kamic organ are said to be like two pans of a balance, one of which has to kick the beam when the other grows heavy. Only when man outgrows kama, lust or libido and makes it as light as possible that this third eye will reopen, that this pineal gland will flower out into brilliance.

Some of the inscriptions obtained in Mohenjo Daro, the civilization which goes as far back as the Chalcolithic age, describe Shiva as Munkan, Minakan, Bidukan, and Orkan, which mean respectively Three eyed, Fish-eyed, Open-eyed and One-eyed. Here one obviously refers to the third eye. An echo of this ancient truth is heard in the Bible when Chrish says, �If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.� Christ did not mean by the single eye, any physical eye, for a one-eyed person is handicapped in sight. The Single eye therefore refer to the third eye which is latent in man, the awakening of which shall fill the whole body with the inner light.

Long, long ago man had a third eye; this eye was an eye of the spirit. It could perceive things afar and penetrate into the heart of the frailest flower. It could read the logic of events and dive deep into the depths of the divine. But as man sank into more and more sensual pleasures, into the hardness of flesh, eye receded inward and became as a lodgement of flesh in the brain. What anatomy names as the pineal gland is but a relic of the third eye. But the Adepts aver that this pineal gland which is behind the glabella, far from being vestigial, is actually embryonical. They say that it is possible to galavanize this gland into super-activitiy by certain method of operation. I myself do not know this method of operation. When operated the power of this gland is raised to the nth degree and it results in seership, in clairvoyant gifts, in a type of intellect that reads the minds of men without the necessity of physical speech.

There is a simple yet effective method which is known as the auto-suggestive method. That I relate to you. Each one of you has the inner light and every day you see this light in your dreams you see many things, many events come and cross and crowd your mind. By virtue of what light do you see all of them, when there is the absence of the light of the sun, the moon and the electric bulbs? Of course, by virtue of the inner light.

That inner light is the light of your consciousness, of your soul. All objects that appear, all events that happen in your dreams are lighted by the light your consciousness. Be conscious first of this inner light within, then think and act. For the inner light is no mere light like the light of the sun and the moon but is a grandeur of the supreme light, the treasure-house of miraculous knowledge, the measureless movement of the mighty forces. In the initial stage you cannot become aware of the glory and grandeur of this inner light. But have faith in it and be a lamp unto thyself.

Now follows the auto-suggestive method:

1. Think that there is the inner light in thee, singular in power and beautiful in purpose. It is thy soul’s eye that resides in the center between the eye brows.

2. Concentrate on that center and commune with the eye to show real thought forms when you go to bed at night.

3. Dwell on those thought forms and develop the habit of watching them closely.

Repeat this suggestion;

I am not of the body but I live in the body. I can go out of the body and direct the thought forms where I will, for I am affiliated with the Divine that governs this cosmos with love and wisdom.





H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji,
Divya Sandesh 3 (Divine Message 3),
Tapovan, Dharwad
1st Jan. 1970


This article ‘Divine Message III’ is taken from H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s articles published in, ‘Silver Jubilee Souvenir’, 1990.