Divine Message IV


Divya Sandesh 4 (Divine Message 4) delivered on 1st January, 1979.



 The story of life on earth goes back to many million years. Since then life is gradually evolving assuming forms appropriate to its stage of development. The Indians have delineated this evolutionary process of life attendant with the rise of consciousness in the concept of Avatars representing the different stages of development in the different departments of nature. There are ten principal stages of evolution which account for the functioning of consciousness according to the grade it has reached. From the standpoint of consciousness, the first three Avatars represent the three stages when the soul is formed. The next three represent its descent into the body, the seventh stands for the transitional stage between the ascent and descent. The last three in their conjunction mount upwards to the final source.

Even if we take into consideration the Avatars as they stand, the different stages of evolution become manifest. First comes the first, the animal to be found in water, then the amphibious creature, the tortoise living partly on land and partly in water; then the boar, living on land alone. The fourth in man animal, partly man and partly animal. The fifth is the dwarf though man but dwarf in intellect. Then comes Parashurama of choleric temperament. The seventh is Sri Ramchandra, a Kshatriya but full of benevolence and with virtue of home life. Then comes Sri Krishna, the Divine Warrior who fights against injustice to establish Dharma.Then appears Buddha who represents intuition. Lastly comes Kalki who typifies the highest spiritual state of man. (Atman or soul)

In the first three Avatars, there is consciousness but it is in the embryonic state. It is only in the fourth Avatar which is partly human and partly animal, that consciousness comes to the surface and is centered in perception. In the fifth Avatar consciousness is centered in action and in the sixth it is centered in emotion. In these three Avatars the soul descends into the body and identifies itself with desires and emotions. In the seventh Avatar there appears the mind with rational faculties; here consciousness is centered in analytical mind. With the appearance of the rational mind, there begins the flight with desires and emotions with a view to conquer them and through this fight the duality of nature – human and divine – is caused. In the 8th Avatar consciousness is centered in the synthetic mind; in the 9th it is centered in intuition and in the 10th it is centered in will. In these three last Avatars, there is an ascent in which human nature is completely conquered and the divine nature becomes an accomplished fact, an asset, an assured thing.

In Hinduism then there is the concept of ten Avatars current and the tenth Avatar is known as Kalki. Spiritually, it is the tenth Avatar that has in it all the other principles no matter whether we call it Atma or the auric egg. It is in this all the past experiences are gathered up at the end of the cycle. It is yet in the womb of the future. The advent of Kalki is therefore, a far off event. It is said that Kalki will take birth in the village Shambhala, in the house of Vishnuyashas. Here the term Shambhala is pregnant with meaning. The occult meaning of Shambhala is the Spiritual Brotherhood while the literal meaning is happiness. There is an organization which is known as the great hierarchy from ages past. It is formed of the great Adepts who are in communion with the Divine and who act as messengers of God. At his behest they occasionally appear on the earth to guide the course of things, to fortell the march of events and to initiate the ordinary run of mankind into the truths of life. They can read the logic of events, for them past and future roll into the ever present. They need not go to any book for information nor for any discovery of truth. The whole nature is, as it were, an open book to them and truth stands revealed to their spiritual gaze in a flash of intuition. In accordance with the mandate of God, one brother from the Spiritual Brotherhood hails and he is both a yogin and a yojaka (an Administrator). Armed with occult powers and administrative skill, he appears in person on this earth by the end of this century, that is, in the year 1999. Of course, he is not Kalki; he is only a fringe and penumbra of Kalki. His region is local and temporal; local in the sense that it is confined to the earth and temporal in the sense that it lasts only 24 years from 1999 to 2023.

There is a saying that the hour brings the man. By the end of this century when the appointed hour strikes, the man will come to dispel darkness and to ward off the natural calamities and cataclysms which reach to a point of climax by that time.

The two scientists, Macdonald and Gunst well versed in geophysics, influenced more by precise data than by intuition have settled the date when the earth may be seriously threatened if not doomed; they say that the weakening of the earth�s magnetic field is gradually on the increase; the field�s strength has already decreased by 15 percent in the past three centuries. If the decline continues at the present rate, the earth�s magnetic field will fade away completely by the end of 2023. The earth�s magnetic field will be so weak that it will not trap high velocity electrons and protons streaming towards the earth from the sun. Instead of being confined to the radiation belt of the ionosphere many of these particles will penetrate the atmosphere and strike the surface of the earth causing an increase in mutation rates at best eradicating entire species of animals and plants at worst. During periods of intense solar bombardment and in the direction of jet streams near the North and South poles which are unprotected by the magnetic field. Such radical changes on a worldwide scale, the barren lands, deserts to bloom, ice-caps to grow and cover the land or to melt and raise sea levels enough to flood coastal cities.

India, which is now like a lotus but with its apex downwards will then blossom. The lotus when it is a bud has its head bent downwards but when it blooms it rears its head upwards with the petals opened. Shambhala will be the point of spirit situated over the pericarp of blossomed India. If Shambhala literally means happiness, then India will be the land of happiness.





H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji,
Divya Sandesh 4 (Divine Message 4),
Tapovan, Dharwad
1st Jan. 1979



This article ‘Divine Message’ is taken from H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s articles published in, ‘Silver Jubilee Souvenir’, 1990.