My Experiences of Tapovan, by Mr. Claude Couchox

Mr. Claude is a Yoga teacher and director of the Yoga school run by the French Federation of Hathayoga in Nice, a big tourist city on the Mediterrian coast. Since 25 years he is interested in Yoga and Indian Philosophy and he teaches yoga since 15 years. Shri Kumarswamiji lived 5 days in the family of Mr. Claude. Mr. Claude visited Tapovana in 1982 and lived for 10 days. He is practicing Shiva-yoga and having profound experiences.

It is with high emotion I write this. I thank God to have given me a golden opportunity to meet H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji; who is a person of full of love. He guides us for our realization and liberation.

It is in Tapovana, I received the initiation of Shiva-yoga. It is like receiving the grace of God. I stayed one week in Tapovan in 1982, which is a memorable event in my life. I could realize fully by the divine power. During those days, I was practicing Shiva-yoga and every day was a day of new experiences.

On the very first day, I was practicing Shiva-yoga and I was seeing the only bright aura and not my palm and Ishtalinga. On second day, I was seeing Rev. Swamiji was talking with me in that aura. The most awful experience was that I was asking the questions in French and Rev. Swamiji was replying me in French language, when Swamiji does not know French.

In that meditation I was having no knowledge of my physical existence and was feeling that I was living in perfect peace and bliss. This experience is very difficult to express in words.

After returning to my country, I am practicing Shiva-yoga daily between 7 to 8 P.M. where I get the experience of talking with Rev. Swamiji daily and twice or thrice in a week Swamiji appears to me by astral body and guides me and I get my problems and doubts solved.

Whenever, I feel gloomy, I take the refuge and shelter of Shiva-yoga, within a short time my body, mind and spirit becomes enlightened and I get new aspirations.

I hear clearly in Shiva-yoga, the universal voice of music which is difficult to express in musical notes.

In ecstacy, I see the reflection of my soul in Ishtalinga and experience that God is present in every heart and every thing of this Universe. By Shiva-yoga, I get perfect peace and silence in my heart, mind and spirit and feel myself thoughtless, motionless like living in space. Any one can realize and liberate himself by the blessings of Swamiji.

Mahatapasvi shows us a real pathway by giving light to remove the darkness and protects the devotees who can surrender totally themselves with devotion and sincerity.

By the blessings of Rev. Swamiji, I will be able to detach myself from the material bonds which will lead to me in my evolution and towards liberation.

I pray to God to bless H.H. Shri Swamiji with long and healthy life for the noble cause of human welfare.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti —- Mr. Claude Couchox.