My views of Tapovana

Mr. Pascal Edeline, born in Belgium on 15th April, 1960, was a student of architecture, music, painting, sculpture, history and culture. He has also learnt drawing. He made a complete tour of the world in two years, and visited Tapovan twice. He learnt the Shiva-yoga under the guidance of H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji and has continued its practice. Some of his experiences are recorded here.)


I met Shri Swamiji for the first time in Belgium, where the lectures were organized in the year 1979. It happened in 1982, I was traveling throughout the world for one and half a year, when I arrived in India. I had during all those months, met many people, groups, churches who were teaching the ways of divinity and spirituality, but none of them gave me what I wanted.

I always found that they did not guide me fully. I was attracted by the love of Shri Swamiji and by the voice of Swamiji through Shiva-yoga, which brought me to India and Tapovan.

I arrived in Tapovan in July 1982 in the morning. While coming nearer to Tapovan I was getting the heart beats speedily and feeling greatest joy. This I felt a quite new experience for the first time. So, I knew that it was very particular for me.

I had darshan of H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji and attended the Sunday prayer and the lecture. During the lecture I was feeling definitely that Shri Swamiji was replying all my deep emotions and doubts, with great love. I got wonder that how He knew my emotions and doubts.

I stayed in Tapovana for six weeks. During the period I read so many books of Shri Swamiji and started the practice of Shiva-yoga. When I left Tapovana I continued again my world tour and I went to Egypt and tried to practice the Shiva-yoga in the heart of Pyramids, which is a sign of crystal of perfection and a great receiver of Cosmic energy. There I got wonderful experience in which I felt the powerful vibrations and magnetic power during Shiva-yoga.

During my all world tour, I was getting various impressions and during the stay in Tapovana crystallized all my spiritual aspirations relating to the rational and logical intellect.

This is for the second time I have come to Tapovana and wish to visit Tapovan again and again. I pray to God to bless Shri Swamiji with good health and long life.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti — Mr. Pascal Edeline