Hymns of the Lord

PRABHU STAVANA    (Hymn of the Lord)



 Here is a beautiful poem, full of divine nectar composed by H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji.



God, I have waited outside Thy gate so long

I have offered to Thee my heart’s song

Take me in Thy inner chamber

Save me from life’s storm and thunder.

I shall break the senses with my will

I shall free the soul from all ill

Happily shall I come to Thee

To seek Thy grace and be free.

Give me strength to carry on my mission

Stout-heartedly without revulsion or remission

Slings and arrows of opposition

Shall not deter me from my resolution.

Nothing daunts me when Thou art with me

Nothing dismays me when I am with Thee.

                                             I am in Thee and Thou art in me

When this truth is perceived, we become free.

Stormy is the sea of life

In the midst of every strife

Seldom is Thy voice not heard

Seldom is the cry for aid not answered.

Thou art the refuge of the lone

Thou art the home of the forlorn

Thou art the rock of the brave

Thou art the despair of the knave.

Thou art the Lord of all creation

Thou hast created man on this plane

To win back his soul’s redemption

by breaking stupid maya’s chain.

In winter and summer, in autumn and spring

Thou art the pillar of our faith, the diamond of our ring

Blessed be Thy name and Thy glory

Blessed be the path that is so hoary.

Birds in the air and flowers in the garden

Boys and girls studying in the kindergarten

Sing Thy praises in the early morn

In the similing fields of waving corn.

Not a day passes when Thou art not heard

To Thee are alike the saint and the wayward

Thou giveth a chance to every sinner

To repent and then become a winner.

Thy light shines in every creature

Man is God in every feature

If he speaks the truth and revels in joy

That swells from the heart without decoy.

Thou art our homeland and our dreamland

We work for Thee and by Thee we stand

Facing all the blizards of life

For Thou art our hope in all our strife.

O Lord, Thou art the centre of Universe

Thou art the theme of my verse

Give me wisdom to unfold Thy mysteries

Step by step in the whole series.

Thou art my idol and my vision

which needs for ever no revision

Unchanging and unchangable

Thou dwellest in my heart unvulnerable.

I seek no nitch in the temple of fame

I seek Thy glory and Thy name

I seek not power not pelf

In love of Thee I shall slay the self.

Bless me, O Lord, with the Yogi’s crown

To live in peace without a frown

Thy grace I seek and nothing more

As I walk up and down, to and fro.

To sing Thy praises is our glory

Thy name is imprinted on life’s story

Unsurpassed in bounties, infinite in grace

In every bit of nature Thy divinity we trace.

The only language we know is God’s love

Be innocent as a child and as a dove

God’s wisdom is our ennobling scripture

May we live in nature’s architecture.

The emotions of the heart are surging

And the soul yearns for merging

Into the wide ocean of Thy eternity

In peace, calm and tranquility.

Like the philosopher’s stone, we transform our life

With the alchemy of Spirit within that is rife

We are in the thick of fight and in midstream

Thou art ever in our heart and in our dream.

There is no night in Heavens above

There is all light in the garden of love

Alas, it is we who create all darkness

By our wicked thoughts and sharpness.

Intuition is the gateway to Heavenly delight

It is poet’s eye, the mystic’s sight

It is the inner urge to do good to mankind

It is Thine own voice that is behind.

In all seasons of the year, In summer and cold

Thou showereth Thy blessings on young and old

Life with Thee is a festival, free of care

Life without Thee is like the desert air.

We find Thee in the silence of the heart

Not in the noises of life’s busy mart

We hear Thy voice, when the soul is in tune

We get Thy breath, when the heart is hewn.

We come like a trailing cloud from afar

Our birth is a miracle, Thou art our loadstar

We live and move in Thee O God

Thou art all present from star to sod.

We labour our way back to Thee O Lord

Salvation is the crown of life’s record

To seek Thee every hour of the day

It is our freedom’s surest way.

Thou art not in the cups of pleasure

Nor in any earthly treasure

But in the life lived in fullest measure

In purity of thought, that is the treasure.

When the heart is pure and mind is clean

When one wants God and God alone

Nothing can daunt, no dust, no din

God is our life’s tenor and tone.

O Lord, Thou has given me accord

Thou hast read my life’s record

I am coming to Thee, happy and free

Like a bird that hops from tree to tree.

I am now standing on the threshold of Thy mansion

Full of splendour and of strange dimension

Like the lark that nestles on the earth and sky

My soul is now free from the body to fly.


The earth is my abode as also the ethereal vault

                                             My soul can fly from plane to plane without default

The heart’s desire is fulfilled, my joy is unbounded

I have secured peace, on eternity founded.

O my brothers and sisters, follow the Master

He will take you to the goal faster

From darkness to light is the destined lot of all

O don’t delay, listen to God’s call.



This poem ‘Hymn of the Lord’ is taken from H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, – ‘Towards the Spiritual Nisus’.