The Importance of Three (English)

His Holiness Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s Message


1.  Always refrain from three things:

Self-praise, condemning others and finding flaws in others.

2.  Do three things without fail:

Remember God, honour others and make effort to get rid of your own flaws.

3.  Always keep three things under your control:

The mind, the organ of taste and libido.

4.  Always stay under the control of the following three:

God, Dharma and good conduct.

5.  Always be humble before the three:

Guru, mother and father.

6.  Always love the following three:

God, Dharma and your country.

7.  Always cherish the following three in your heart:

Compassion, forgiveness and victory.

8.  Expel three things from your heart:

Anger, hatred and jealousy.

9.  Never doubt three things:

Words of scriptures, words of Guru and inspiration welling from the pure mind.

10.  Always honour the following three:

The old, the wise and the poor.

11.  Always do three things wholeheartedly:

Chanting and singing of God’s name, meditation on God and Sat-sang (holy company).

12.  Look upon the following three moments as most sacred:

A moment of love, a moment of compassion and a moment of sympathy.

13.  Never insist that other people accept the following three:

Agreeing to your religion, your way of dressing, and your opinion.

14.  Never hate these three persons:

A sick one, a miserable one, and the one from the lower caste.

15.  Every day visit the following three places without fail:

A temple of God, a saint’s hermitage and the place of your work.

16.  Never ridicule these three:

The handicapped, a widow/orphan and poor/unhappy persons/animals.

17.  Daily do three things without fail for the development of your mind:

Study scriptures, meditate and remember your own flaws.

18.  Practise the following three things every day for your own good:

Walk in fresh air, eat healthy and forsake unhealthy food.

19.  Never be any of the three:

One who forgets good things done by others, a hypocrite and an atheist.

20.  Always strive to be the following three:

Humble, forthright and a theist.


The article ‘The Importance of Three’ is translated from the original message published in the Hindi language.

Uploaded on this site on the auspicious day of Guru-poornima, Sunday, 29th July, 2007