Words of Wisdom

 More Pearls of Wisdom from H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji’s Teachings.


 Some of Shri Kumarswamiji’s famous sayings:

In Tapovan, Shri Swamiji entered the cave for great penance on 22nd Jan. 1965. He lived inside without food or water and came out only after a year. In the course of this ‘Anushthan’, after six months, he gave following message of his realization.

आलयं लोकम अखिलम

मूर्ति सर्वात संकुलम |

निष्काम सेवा ही श्रेष्ठ पूजा

मुक्ति सर्वात मंगलम |

– In English –

The Whole World is Temple of God  

God Resides in All  

Self-less Service is True Worship  

Well-wishing of All is Man’s Freeship.



Once we asked Shri Swamiji to give us some mantra in order to purify food before we eat and He gave us the following beautiful lines to repeat at breakfast, lunch and dinner time, i.e., each time before taking a meal:

The Salt of Life is Self-less Service  

The Bread of Life is Sincere Love  

The Water of Life is Purity of Heart  

The Sweetness of Life is Devotion  

The Fragrance of Life is Wisdom  

The Pivot of Life is Meditation  

And the Aim of Life is Self-realization.

Not only do these beautiful and wise words purify food items, they themselves are the divine food, prasad, for the mind, the repetition of which makes the mind purified, energized, blissful and grateful. So, the food gets purified, the body becomes humble and ready to receive the food with gratitude and respect and the mind becomes still, calm and happy. How perfect!


अपने गुरुत्वाकर्षण के केंद्र को अपने से बाहर अनुभव मत करो | यह बड़ा भ्रम होगा | अपने ईश्वरीय महान सत्य को अपने में ही पहचानो और इसे अनुभव करो | अपनी दिव्यता का अनुभव करो | यह अनुभव ही तुम्हारे लिए बड़े बड़े रहस्यों और गुह्यों के भांडार खोलकर आवागमन को रोक देगा

Do not search for your centre of gravity in the outside world. This will be a directional illusion. Realize your own Divine Self in your uncovered Self and experience your divinity. This experience will open for you the treasure house of all mysteries of birth and death. And when that root is annihilated, there is no leaf, no fruit on the worldly side.


God gives and forgives;

Man gets and forgets;

He who gives and forgives is therefore nearer to God.


आप जब तक ह्रदय से गूंगे है, तब तक प्रभू कान से बहीरे है |

So long as you are struck dumb in your heart, until then God is deaf in his ears.


God is a short-form of Good;

Therefore, Be Good and Do Good.


संकट यह तुमने प्रभू पर रखी हुई अटल श्रद्धा की परीक्षा है |

Difficulty in one’s life is a test of one’s unshakable faith in God.


God speaks not to the proud head, but to the pure heart.


Heart is common to all and God seated in the heart is one in all.


Prayer is a preface to the book of living.


Today the nature of man is at a discord.

The whole heart, action and mind of man must be changed,

but from within not from without;

not by political and social institutions,

not even by creeds and philosophers,

but by the realization of the spirit within and in the world

and a remoulding of life by that realization.


If mankind is to save itself, it must change the axis of its thought and life:

if the world is to endure, it must find psychological unity and spiritual coherence.


The natural world is a world of necessity,

while the spiritual world is a world of freedom.

In the natural world we are mere recipients,

but in the spiritual world we are God’s partners.


Now-a-days the slogan of peace is much in the air.

It is not merely a cry of the war weary world,

but it is a sign of humanity, which is as old as hills.


The immediate need of one world is a real unity, a conscious and vital realization

of the oneness of the human beings,

of the truth that all human beings now swim or sink together,

of the fact that all human affairs are now so interlinked

that the activities of the one affects the activities of all.


Until there is a true change in the heart of men,

a profound change of the world conditions can not come.


God is no more an article of belief, but an experience.

God is within but we are out.

God is at home, but we are strangers.

This article is collection of H.H.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s sayings written on the walls of ‘The Divine Temple’, his writings and conversations with Him.