Today in the world, there is a divorce between power and peace. In the West, there is power but it is blind. In the East, there is peace but it is lame. Prayer-yoga helps to remove this disparity and regain the peaceful power or powerful peace. All life is verily a yoga. Yoga is yoking of the mind to the soul and the yoking of the soul to the Supreme. Yoga is not life-extinction; it is life-expansion. Yoga is not self-annihilation, it is self-fulfillment. Yoga is not a personality cult but it is a great force of cosmic harmony. Yoga is not the monopoly of anybody but it is the birthright of everybody. Every individual has a right to know the Divine Spirit and to live in its dynamic bliss. In Prayer-yoga, the harmony between God’s grace and man’s force is effected through prayer. To be more precise, wild psychic force is turned into mild mystic grace.

Prayer covers the whole of man’s life. Prayer is a preface to the book of living; the text of the life’s sermon; the girding on the armour for life’s battle; the pilgrim’s preparation for his journey. Man’s prayer and God’s grace are like two buckets in a well, while the one ascends, the other descends. Prayer is the wing by which the soul flies to Heaven and meditation is the eye by which it sees God. Prayer is meditation through speech, meditation is prayer through silence. Mysticism denotes a system of relations between man and God. Man aspires that there should be direct relations between the created and the creator and in these relations he shall find a solution to the perplexities of life. Prayer-yoga confirms the mystic doctrine by saying that the kingdom of God is within you.

O Lord, let Thy Will be done, this is the quintessence of prayer. In Prayer-yoga, the soul seeks to do the Will of God. But the Will has its response not in the world of law but in the world of love, not in the world of necessity but in the world of freedom. For example, our servants do service faithfully and we are satisfied with their work; often times we offer them presents, with all this our relation in them is not complete. In friends our will meets their will in fullness of love and freedom. The natural world is a world of necessity while the spiritual world is a world of freedom. In the natural world we are mere recipients but in the spiritual world we are God’s partners. In this work of building up the spiritual world, God has to wait for man’s will to harmonize with his own. In the creation of the spiritual world in which man has to work in harmony with God, there have been sufferings of which animals can have no idea. Our greatest hope lies in this that there is suffering, that it is the language of imperfection. Its very utterance carries in it the trust in God like the baby’s cry which would be dumb if it had no faith in the mother. This suffering is instrumental in driving man with his prayer to knock at the gate of the Infinite.

Prayer-yoga shows the path to realize the Heaven not as a place but as a state, as an attitude of mind, as a disposition of the heart, as transformation of life.



From H.H. Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s discourse on Prayer-yoga