Comments by Eminent Thinkers

Some Comments of Eminent Thinkers from the East and the West on H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji’s Masterly Works.


1. In ‘A World Expectant ‘ Sri Kumarswamiji has made a searching examination of the problems confronting our world. He has also indicated the existence of a profound solution to those problems. His book joins a heartening number published today that are written in an international humanitarian spirit.

May the “world expectant”,therefore find in the pages of Sri Kumarswamiji’s book the true clue to the removal of its sufferings.

PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA, Founder, Self-Realization Fellowship of America, Los Angeles

Sri Sri Paramhansa Yoganandaji’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘A World Expectant’


2. The author of this book appears to be a man of dynamic personality. There is an impress of his energy and enthusiasm for remoulding and reconstructing the society on the very pattern of divine perfection. He has tried with amazing avidity to grapple the world problems and he offers a solution to the many intricacies of life with remarkable forethought. He has an understanding heart and it is this, more than the depth of his scholarship, which every page of the book reveals, that is accountable for the clearness with which he has dealt with the subject of the regeneration of a new world based on ethical and moral principles, with God as the crowning glory of life in man�s struggle for freedom of the soul.

M. K. Spencer, KARACHI,

Mr. M.K.Spencer’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘A World Expectant’


3. “I am fond of Shri Kumara Swamiji, He is a gifted and high-souled young man”.

Prof. Dr. F.O.Schrader,

Prof.F.O.Schrader’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘A World Expectant’


4. The treatment of the subject is executed with great care and the treatise richly deserves the approbation of the learned readers who will not only bring to practice the noble tenets of the work but diffuse to all the knowledge of the moral and spiritual basis of life through a correct knowledge of which it is possible to mould the life of the world of humanity.

Swami Shivananda, Ananda Kutir, Rishikesh.

Shri Swami Shivananda’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘A World Expectant’


5. It is good to recognize in Shri Kumara Swamiji a voice which is, as he himself writes, exhorting people, “to know, be and possess the Divine Being in the discursive individual consciousness.” India has a heritage inherited from a long and splendid tradition of thinkers and seers, though there may be those who think that the spiritual leadership of India is gone; but so long as there are writers with the sincerity and understanding of Shri Kumara Swamiji, this tradition will be in good hands.

The enquirer into Virashaivism had very little material in the English language available for study before the Swamiji�s writings began to appear. The Swamiji has done a much needed work in writing these pages. Further-more his attempt to present the principles of Virashaivism in a modern form and to compare or relate it to a modern culture, greatly increases the value of this book for the contemporary reader.

Dr. Paul Brunton,

Dr. Paul Brunton’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Mirror of Virashaivism’


6. So far as Swamiji�s writings and addresses are concerned, they certainly show an excellent grip on the metaphysical side of his subject and I am glad to learn that he has also cultivated in his own self the devotional and practical sides. They created a favourable impression on me as a student of comparative religion and as an admirer of the genuine holy men of India.

Dr. Paul Brunton,

Dr. Paul Brunton’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Peace and Democracy’


7. A most inspiring work…On going through it carefully I have been impressed at every step with the vigour of Swamiji’s thought and the sweet scintilla of his emotion. When I say emotion, I mean his boundless love of and concern for our erring age. The man of god feels far more for the sinners – their sorrows and sufferings – than the sinners themselves do for themselves and he alone from that judicious distance and with that sympathetic attitude can prescribe truly and well for the sick humanity.

Dr. Mohan Singh,

Dr. Mohan Singh’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Peace and Democracy’


8. This book is the treasure of India�s ancient and yet modern philosophies. Nothing but good can come to the Westerner who makes a perusal of it. And the Easterner who whishes to become more fully aware of his own spiritual heritage has here a splendid chance to do so.

Rev. R. E. Davies, 26, Frayne Road Ashton gate, Bristol 3, England.

Rev. R. E. Davies’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Virashaivism Philosophy and Mysticism’


9. I have read the book with keen interest and note with delight that you have made the dynamical side of life prominent and followed the path of transcendence by gradual ascent from crude matter to fine energies and lastly to the Supreme Being of saturated silence. This covers the whole scale of life and in ascent and descent the dynamic centers of life are touched, moved and made active.

The book contains important information regarding Virashaivism, its philosophy and mysticism and makes comparative touches. It is well-written, well-planned and well-arranged.

Dr. Mahendra Nath Sarkar, M.A., Phd Prof. of Philosophy, Presidency College, Calcutta.

Dr. Mahendra Nath Sarkar’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Virashaivism Philosophy and Mysticism’


10.The author has a wide knowledge of modern philosophy, Christian mystics and modern Scientific theories, and speculations and speaks of Alexander, Bergson and Einstein with knowledge of their philosophies. He does not merely carry and parade his learning. He has reflected over them and what is rare in Indian writer, brings out rich fruit of deep thought and mediation. He has the happy knack of summing up the pith and point of a whole system in a telling phrase or sentence.

The many aspects of the Virashiva religion and philosophy are descriptively dealt with in this book by the well-versed author on the subject�. Deep study and research have borne good results not only to the author but to all students of comparative religions as well.

The Orient Illustrated Weekly,

The Orient Illustrated Weekly comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Virashaivism Philosophy and Mysticism’


11.The world today is or ought to be the federation of all faiths even more than the federation of all nations. This book will help immensely towards that mutual understating and good-will by enabling us to appreciate Virashaivism…

The Sunday News of India.

The Sunday News of India comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Virashaivism Philosophy and Mysticism’


12.The author acquaintance with the various philosophical system of both the West and East is deep, extensive and on occasions, scintillating.

The Hindu, Madras, Ananda Kutir, Rishikesh.

The Hindu, Madras comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Virashaivism Philosophy and Mysticism’


13.The volume on Virashaiva Philosophy constitutes an informing and interesting contribution to a correct and proper understanding of a comparatively little-known chapter of Indian Metaphysical and Theological system building�.. Shri Kumarswamiji has written a clear exposition and virile vindication of Virashaiva Philosophy.

Dr. R. Naga Raja Sarma,

Dr. R. Naga Raja Sarma’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Virashaivism Philosophy and Mysticism’


14.In this book the writer presents an interesting thesis on what he terms �a healthy humanism� which comprehends one spiritual principle, one humanity and its progressive outlook�. He finds the Buddha and Basava, the founder of Veershaivism, the best exponents of this doctrine of humanism, and gives us a comparative study of both as he finds it in their teachings.

In developing his thesis of �healthy humanism�, the author in a discussive manner brings in the views of a good many Western Writers along with those of the Buddha and Basava.


THE HINDUSTAN TIMES comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


15.This is a compact and scholarly study of the life and labour of Basava, founder of the Veershaiva cult of Hinduism…

Shri Kumarswamiji has brought to bear on his task both a historical and a critical approach which is marked by extensive study, keen perception and enlightened enthusiasm… Shri Kumarswamiji has read extensively in western literature, with special reference to its philosophy, and is equally at home with the highlights of our own history and thought through the ages…. The book is well-writtena nd well-get up and well-worth reading.


THE SUNDAY TIMES comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


16.In the course of thirteen essays contained in this book, the author, who is a well-read scholar, particularly in Veershaivism, makes a comparative study of the respective contribution of these two religious leaders for the regeneration of India and Hinduism, as well as for the betterment of mankind….

The author has attempted in these pages to apply the teachings of both the leaders, particularly Basava, for solving the problems arising in a modern welfare state. Very few Hindus could dispute the author�s plea that ‘the life and teachings Basava should find a proper and fitting place in the history of Hinduism, to which he has made valuable contribution’.


PRABUDDHA BHARATA comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


17.It is a work of great importance in that it introduces to the English speaking people religious and philosophical doctrines of the first magnitude. It also reveals Swamiji�s sound preparation and his spiritual achievement and I hope it will get wide appreciation among the students of oriental religions.

Dr. Chou Hsiang-Kuang, Phd (Delhi) Professor of Chinese, University of Allahabad, U.P. (India).

Dr. Chou Hsiang-Kuang’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


18.I am happy to say that it is an illuminating book, replace with sound judgment and mature thought. It sets forth in lime-light the magnificent personality and philosophy of Basava who made lasting contributions to our cultural heritage. The comparisons which the learned author has drawn has between Buddha and Basava and their respective systems of thought, display deep insight and broadness of mind.

Dr. Bharat Sing Upadhyaya. M.A., PhD, Jain College, Baraut (Meerut) U.P. (India).

Dr. Bharat Sing Upadhyaya’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


19.It is a useful work for those who are interested in the comparison of religious and philosophical principles.

Dr. W. Pachow, Phd., University of Ceylon,

Dr. W. Pachow’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


20.I have gone through the book and found it both interesting and instructive. The author has taken a very rational view of the developments both of Buddhism and of the Lingayat sect and many of his comments are appropriate and suitable for the modern times. I hope this book will be widely read.

Dr. R.C. Mujumadar, M.A., Phd, Nagpur University, Nagpur

Dr. R.C. Mujumadar’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’


21.The book is definitely a contribution to the work on Veershaivism in English. The prose is lucid and the style simple… At the same time the Swamiji has exhibited a critical appreciation of reformers like Buddha, Shankar, Ramanuja, Madhava and others.

Prof. L.V. Rajagopal, Belgaum,

Prof. L.V. Rajagopal’s comments on Shri Kumarswamiji’s book, ‘Buddha and Basava’