Paramahansa Vishuddhanandji’s Siddhis


Siddhis – super-natural powers

There was no end to Shri Baba’s super-natural powers. But he did not consider those to be of much intrinsic value. The sole purpose behind his exhibiting them to his disciples and devotees was to increase their faith in God and worship, in religion and in the unbounded and unlimited power of the Mahashakti.

During his life-time his disciples and devotees had witnessed many of his miracles at different times, in different places and under varying circumstances and environments. Even after his demise on 14th July 1937, his disciples and devotees till today continue to witness them. It has thus been correctly stated in our scriptures that a Guru never dies. He lives for ever in astral form and keeps guiding his disciples.

With regards to these miracles Baba one day told his disciples , ”In my childhood I used to think that all this talk about miracles and super-natural powers in our scriptures is nothing but a fabrication of imagination. But after going to Gyanganj, I was stunned to see what all was possible. That place appeared to me like a magic-land full of wonders. Every thing and event seemed to come within the scope of possibility.”

Baba keeps a watch over his disciples at all times

One Sunday during his stay at Vishuddhashram, Burdwan, Baba was stressing the need for regular practice of Kriya and the surety of good outcome therefrom. One of the disciples, an advocate of the High Court in Calcutta, who had come to visit Baba, complained that he did not seem to be making any progress in the spiritual realm.

Baba enquired, ”Are you regular and sincere in the performance of your Kriya? He replied, ”Yes, Baba”. Then Baba said, ‘Look, only the day before, as you were going to sit for your Kriya in your Puja-room in Calcutta, a client called for you. Did you not instantly wrap up your Puja asan and come out to meet him? And then you kept on discussing the client’s legal suit with him for full two hours and thereafter never did your Kriya that night? Now, if this is the way you do your Kriya how do you expect any progress?”

The advocate admitted the fact and felt very ashamed. Another disciple asked, ”Baba, do you keep vigil over our actions all the while?” Baba said, ”Yes, I have to, being your Guru.”

Paramhansa Vishuddhananda Ji Gandh Baba (Perfume Saint)

The Attainment of Yogic Powers by Shri Vishuddhanand

Many of the blessed disciples of Yogiraj Shri Vishuddhanand have variously described many wonderful miracles brought about by him. But it would be interesting and instructive to know also the pains-taking and sustained practice undergone by him before he was able to attain these marvellous powers. Bholanath spent twelve long years as a Brahmachari in the Gyanganj Yogashram in Tibet under training and strenuous practice of the various branches of Science and Yoga. After his initiation into the Yoga-technology and appropriate instruction and practice, as was customary, he had to undertake a pilgrimage to all the pilgrim centres throughout the length and breadth of India and stay for long periods all alone in the mountain caves, depending solely on the Divine Mother – the force which motivates the whole universe. He stayed in dense forests, in caves braving the severe chilly winds and scorching sun and amongst ferrocious beasts.

The purpose of these stringent rules was to educate the aspirants to learn to depend on and have faith in the Divine. Bholanath was subjected to many physical obstructions and impediments but was always saved from them by the grace of his Guru. He transcended all the good and evil circumstances, obeyed all the stringent rules and not for once even swerved from his cherished path. Being bitten by a dog during his childhood or by a cobra after his marriage were both physical impediments.

As a result of his adherence to the strict rules of the Brahmacharya-period, Bholanath had freed himselef from the influence of ego and had also developed the spirit of surrender to the will of the Supreme Power. He did not now suffer from any kind of fear or any form of agitation like anger, hatred, jealousy. God alone used to be his silent guide in all matters.

An Illustration of Vayu-Vijnan (Wind-Science)

Once Shri Gopinath’s Rudraksha rosary broke up. He took the beads and silk thread to Shri Baba for getting it wreathed in the way prescribed in the Shastras (scriptures) Baba kept the beads and the silk thread in the Gomukhi (silk bag for keeping the rosary) and clasped the silk bag in his hand. He turned round the Gomukhi in his hand a couple of times and handed it back to Gopinath. The whole process took hardly a couple of minutes. On examining the rosary it was found to have been beautifully wreathed with the silk thread, with the Sumeru bead affixed in the proper place and style. The knots were also tied in proper scriptural fashion. On enquiry, Baba replied that the job had been done by the technology of Vayu-Vijnan (Wind-Science). Regarding the short time taken, Baba explained that once you enter into the state of super-concentration, even long-time consuming acts can be accomplished in minutes.

In this particular case, Baba used the technique of Vayu-Vijnan but by and large Baba would display and talk about Surya-Vijnan and produce things by that science.

Production of Lord Krishna’s Fragrance through Surya-Vijnan

On another occasion in 1920, Shri Gopinath Kaviraj was sitting with Baba at the Ashram at Puri. A few other disciples were also present. He casually mentioned the description of Lord Krishna’s Gandha (fragrance) given in Chaitanya Charitamrit and other books and enquired if that was so in reality or it was only an allegory in the Scriptures.

Baba told Gopinath Kaviraj to start naming ingredients, one by one, which formed the Krishna-Gandha, as per description given in Govind-Lilamrit. Gopinath started naming them: blue lotus, musk, etc. As each name was being pronounced, so also Shri Baba moved his hand each time in space. By the time Gopi Dada named the last ingredient, Baba brought his hand close to Gopinath and other disciples and asked them to smell the Krishna-Gandha (Lord Krishna’s fragrance). Baba told Gopinath that as he kept naming each ingredient Baba kept attracting the same out of the Sun’s rays by the process of Surya-Vijnan and by the time the last ingredient was  added the fragrance was created. Gopinath and other disciples present smelled the fragrance which was marvellously sweet and enchanting.

Immense Capabilities of Surya-Vijnan

Shri Gopinath Kaviraj and scores of other disciples were direct witnesses to the creation of valuable diamonds, gems and pearls of different types and shades; ornaments of gold; sweets of various descriptions like Chamshams, Rasogullas, Sandes etc.; fruits like grapes, pomegranates, apples and pine-apples etc; flowers like lotus, rose, jasmine, pandanus (Kevra), Parijat (a flower of paradise) etc.; cow’s ghee; coconut oil and numerous other articles, through Surya-Vijnan.


Mahamahopadhya Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj Ji

Baba presented all these articles, prepared through Surya-Vijnan, to his disciples some of whom have preserved many of these intact in their possession even till today, proving beyond doubt thereby that it was not a case of magic, hypnotism or hallucination but one of pure scientific knowledge and its application. Baba converted cotton wool, flowers and leaves into stones, wood, etc. by incidence of appropriate rays of the Sun. He demonstrated practically how minute particles of ingredients of various objects could be dispersed or assembled and destroyed or created through the process of Surya-Vijnan.

Transformation of one object into another

Once some disciples requested Baba to elucidate by actual demonstration how one object is converted or transformed into another.

Baba picked up a rose out of the flowers offered by devotees, lying before him on the bed on which he was seated, and enquired, ”What do you want this rose to be converted into?” Seeing no jawa flower round about, a disciple requested Baba to convert the rose into a jawa flower. Baba held the rose in his left hand and by means of magnifying glass in his right hand, he focussed the rays of the Sun on to the rose. A gradual change started taking place. First a reddish glow appeared and slowly the rose started disappearing till finally a fully blossomed jawa flower appeared in its place. To satisfy his lingering doubt, Gopinathji took this jawa flower to his home and it remained for quite a few days till it gradually faded away in the normal way. On being asked about the process employed, Baba replied that he had used Surya-Vijnan for this transformation although the same transformation could have been achieved, though more slowly, through the agency of any other natural science such as Chandra-Vijnan or Vayu-Vijnan. Also, this very transformation from a rose flower into a jawa flower could have been brought about by the exercise of pure Ichcha Shakti (will power) by a Siddha Yogi.

Thus any and everything in this world is possible as regards creation, maintenance and destruction, either by Yoga or by Natural Science, both.



The above information is taken from the book – “Yogirajadhiraj Swami VISHUDDHANAND PARAMAHANSADEVA, Life & Philosophy”  by Nand Lal Gupta, an ardent disciple of Shri Babaji for the benefit of Babaji’s devotees across the world.