Tapovan – P.P.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji’s Dhyana Mandir



His Holiness Mahatapsvi Shri Kumarswamiji had said,

“In my student life the attention was divided between the studies and sadhana. So I could not go much ahead in the practices of yoga. Immediately after my graduation I took up the order of Swami with an avowed object to devote my entire energies to sadhana. But what happened was a strange thing. Instead of devoting my attention to the practices of yoga, I got myself involved in social activities and in preaching and propagating the ideals of philosophy and religion. Many a time I have had the experience of visions and voices. For the first time in the year 1942 I heard an inner Voice clear and audible, which commanded me to give up this work. But I paid no heed to the Voice. Exactly after ten years I again heard the inner Voice which dictated me to develop the yogic sadhana. This time I paid heed to the Voice, but in a compromising spirit. I adopted the way of moderation dividing my attention between action and contemplation. This did not yield me any tangible results, this did not pay me any creditable dividends. For the third time in the year 1962, again after ten years, I heard the inner Voice, but this time the Voice was not only clear and audible but solemn and stern.

Shake, shake off delusion |

Wake, wake up, be free |

Take, take up sannyas.

I paid heed to the Voice, I gave up my mind and heart to its mandate. As a result of this, and after an endeavour of three years, Tapovana came into existence. On August 22, 1965 I took up the order of Vidvat-Sannyas, shut myself up in the ivory tower of isolation and solitude, devoting my entire energies to the practice of yoga which is so near and dear to my heart.”



Aims and Objects of Tapovan

1. To promote and propagate Philosophy, yoga and culture all over the world.

2. To strive for the establishment of world-peace by launching a world-wide cultural and moral regeneration campaign.

3. To disseminate simple, unsophisticated and spiritual knowledge with a view to establish universal brother-hood based on the unity of life as a whole.

4. To train a band of volunteers whose lives are entirely dedicated to the service of humanity, with ideals of righteous conduct and selfless service.

5. To give practical lessons for psychological discipline and to foster a synthetic as well as sympathetic attitude towards all religions, all forms of yoga and all systems of thought; for synthesis and service are the two watch-words of the center.

6. To develop a keen sense in humanity for the higher values of life and to bring about a world-wide revival of spirituality through books, pamphlets magazines, lectures, radio-talks etc.

7. To train sadhakas in Shivayoga, prayer-yoga, Hatha-yoga, Mantra-yoga and Raja-yoga.

8. To teach yogasanas, pranayamas and meditation.

Tapovan is open to all irrespective of their caste,colour, creed, sex, religion or nationality.



Tapovan is a beautiful place with its serene atmosphere – greenery, flowers, fruits and an ideal place for spiritual rejuvenation. It is located 3 miles from city of Dharwad. Here His Holiness Mahatapsvi Shri Kumarswamiji did great penance from 1965 until leaving his physical body in 1995.

Here are some pictures of beautiful Tapovan.

                                                                                        Tapovan Entrance





            H.H.Shri Kumar Swamiji’s Dhyan Mandir                             H.H.Shri Kumar Swamiji’s Living Quarters and dhyan mandir




                                 Sumeru building – residential quarters                           H.H.Shri Kumar Swamiji’s Samadhi