Telepathic Effects of Shri Kumarswamiji by Boureau Francoise

Boureau Francoise, 653, Chemin de la tour carree, 06700 St. Laurent du VAR, France, visited Tapovan along with Shri G.Mahesh and has learnt “Shiva Yoga” with all devotion and dedication. The effect of telepathic experiences of Boureau Francoise are recorded in her own words. What a Yogi can do, can be seen here.


I was to meet Swamiji during my first trip to India organized by Shri. G.Mahesh

Quickly, the invitation into Shiva-Yoga brought me through a tremendous experience which made me discover in me strong emotions and a huge responsibility.

Very quickly, this made me feel a huge peace within myself a lightness of being. With time, I felt that well-being was a trap to overstep.

New experiences came up during the second time, I met Swamiji during a yoga camp in Sainte Baume (France). I received the meaning of figures, not only concerning their mathematical value, but also their symbolic meaning in the construction of the world. Each calculation of figures would give a verbal knowledge of the visible and invisible that exists.

Later, I became aware of the colours, the energy they would pass on, their musical tone, their vibrating action. Each new contact with Swamiji would fill me up with a new strength, and consolidate my practice. I achieved to get the knowledge and visualization of the charkas their own colours, their own vibration, their connection with different part of the physical, psychical and spiritual body the “Divine’s discovery itself and suddenly the perception of the bodies aura and the aura of anything, than the modification of colour liver the body’s being.

Sometimes later my body was filled and shaken by a strong energy like a electrical strength. This peculiar experience annoying on a day to day basis.

During a stay in France, Swamiji’s presence at home strengthened my practice. New phenomena’s occurred, such as the discovery of forces linked to the strengths of nature – ability to call for the wind or modify it. Capacity of opening or closing doors at distance, and the same with radio, T.V. and light. Possibility to produce lightning’s and thunders in a blue sky.


This would sometimes become uncontrollable and if I would decide that my energy would stop, it would stop. The physical impact seemed to have a control over the substance. At some point in time, I would move in time and space. I would suddenly be in places where I was able to meet persons with whom I could discuss. Everything was clearer than in the ordinary life.

I was some times confronted with situations I had no control on; being stopped at a red street lamp. I would find myself a few kilometers farther, without understanding how it happened; or suddenly lost in the open country side driving my car and obliged to ask my way. I understand that this was still a trap and not yet the aim to reach.

I also discovered that nature was ruled by laws, that each animal, vegetable or other species was ruled by a master or “group-spirit” with whom communication was possible.

During the fourth meeting with Swamiji in India, I received directly, without the verbal support, as introduction to the knowledge about veracity, maya and real me. I perceived the different states of conscience. Conscience connected with the body, the activities and the spirit. Relation between the soul and the body, the soul and the spirit.

Conscience of the intelligence which is not the thought’s one and which I feel as a supra-conscience or upper conscience. The thought is only a limited total, compared to intelligence.

I felt that I had the answers to all the questions about philosophy and spiritualism without the interference of the thought.

Then, I reached the point where I was surrounded by light. I was physically surrounded by the light and would several times. This transcendental light would persist some nights, not depending of the fact that my eyes were closed or opened.

I remember, when I was in Ashram, I felt a holy love for Swamiji. In the meantime, physical phenomenon appeared, such a beam swinging on its ropes with no obvious reason. My life was changed and the spirit of God would not leave me.

Recently during my last visit to Swamiji in December, 1989, concentrating on the light of the Lingam, I felt a great strength. Shiva’s eye pierced me on the Ajna. This light strength was touching the center of my head same time lighting up, Anahata, Ajna and Sahasrara. Now, I feel like being able to lighten up seven charkas. The day following that experience, I felt the kundalini coming up. This was produced by a strength, I would feel and visualize.

In the meantime, something like a snake came suddenly up the two heads and would join at Ajna’s level and a lightning rise to the top of my head and a blow up of thousand fires occurred. I was perfect.

I must confess that from the very beginning, I had a telepathic thought transference with Swamiji. The last experience during the night, he was meeting me by telepathy, he was speaking English, I answered, “But, speak French, will you?” He answered, “I don’t speak French.”

The next day, on Sunday Swamiji told this to his disciples. They all had a good laugh. Our communication can be achieved with no words, most of the thought transference is direct and unspeakable.

I thank God for having made me meet Swamiji. It is a huge happiness for me to become his disciple. I also thank Sri Mahesh for everything he did for me. Samadhi will be the result and glorification of Swamiji’s work and constant help. For me, the aim reached is the union with the Divine.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti —- Boureau Francoise