A Tribute to H.H.Shri Kumarswamiji

Shraddhanjali – A Tribute to P.P.Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji



In his previous life, His Holiness Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji was in Gyanganj (Jnanganj) Ashram in the Himalayas. His name was Swami Kshemananda then and his Guru was Paramhansa Swami Nemananda Ji. In Jnanganj Ashram there are two branches – Yoga and Science. Swami Kshemananda Ji was a student in Yoga branch. In this life, as Shri Kumarswamiji, he was in close and continuous contact with Gyanganj Ashram. Gyanganj Ashram has many adepts working for the benefit of mankind and the whole universe. To mention a few names of the adepts of Gyanganj Ashram – Paramhansa Maha Tapa Ji Maharaj, Paramhansa Bhrigu Rama Ji, Paramhansa Nemanand Ji, Paramhansa Abhayanand Ji, Paramhansa Jnana-nanda Ji, Paramhansa Vishuddhananda Ji. There are many Bhairavis (women adepts) too – Uma Bhairavi, Shama Bhairavi, Jnana Bhairavi etc. While Paramhansa MahaTapa Ji Maharaj is head of Jnangang Ashram, Uma Bhairavi is head of medical unit of Jnanganj Ashram.

Paramhansa Vishuddhanand Ji Gandhababa is His Holiness Shri Kumarswamiji’s Guru-bandhu (brother-disciple) from his past life. Towards the end of his this life, Shri Kumarswamiji consulted with his Gurudeva and the adepts from Gyanganj Ashram; for his Sadhana (penance and spiritual practices) in this life was not complete and asked them what should be next course of action therefore. The adepts asked Shri Kumarswamiji to build a temple with his own money and place the spiritual power which he had accumulated in his 50-years long penanace. At the mandate of the adepts from Gyanganj Ashram, Shri Kumarswamiji built Divya Devalaya, the Divine Temple in 1995 at Tapovan, Dharwad. The Divine Temple does not have any image or idol or deity. It has 7 mantras written on the wall which holds Shri Swamiji’s spiritual power. The adepts also told Shri Kumarswamiji that they would send one of their adepts (Siddha-purush) from Jnanganj to reside in the Divine Temple. Accordingly Shri Kumarswamiji’s elder Guru-bandhu, Paramhansa Shri Vishuddhanand Ji Gandhbaba has come to stay in the Divine Temple at Dharwad in his subtle body.

The Divine Temple is maintained in strict accordance with the rules laid by the adepts  of Jnanganj ashram.



Parampoojya (His Holiness) Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji and my Satsang Brothers and Sisters,

I am purposely addressing Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji because He is sitting in the chair, watching me as I speak, watching you as you listen, and smiling often in between. That is why I am addressing Him first as Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji. Bowing to His Highness, I proceed further.

Shri Swamiji was first a philosopher and then a Yogi. He studied all the philosophies of the world. He studied all the sciences of the world. He studied all the Yogas of this nation. He was a scientific Yogi and a yogic philosopher.

He studied in detail about the Adepts of Jnanaganja Ashram. Dr Pittambardatta Badathwar has given that –

Gorakshanath has written 40 books on Adepts. Jalandharnath has written 7 books on Adepts. Kartiknath has written 57 books on Adepts. Matsendranath has written 4 books on Adepts. Thus in all there are 108 books on this subject.

In his book Siddharaganam Dr. Tayamanavar has given the names of 18 Adepts. In the book Varnaratnakar the number of Adepts is 84 but only 78 names are given. Who are these Adepts? An Adept is a perfect spiritual man (Siddha Purusha). Adepts work under the Divine guidance for the benefit of the mankind. They are the link between man and God. God transfers his desires through the Adepts to man. Adepts have got the power of dematerializing their physical body into original five Tattvas – Prithvi, Aap, Tejas, Vayu and Akash and move throughout the world with the speed of light. If and whenever they desire, they can materialize their physical body from the surrounding five Tattvas and appear before anybody in the form of their original body. So they have conquered death. Death will not touch them. They can stay for thousands of years. They are Supermen – a stage between man and God. But they are not God. They cannot enjoy the bliss of God. But they can work as a link between man and God.

In Jnanaganja Ashram, which is situated in Sumeru Parvat of the Himalayas, Adepts have established their laboratory and they work day and night for the benefit of the mankind. They enhance the power of the human brain so that men are able to make more an more progress in science, medicine, computers, etc., etc. Paramhansa Vishuddhanandji Gandhababa (the Fragrant Saint) is a recent Adept of 20th century. He dematerialized his physical body in front of a large conglomeration of people on 11.07.1937 in Calcutta. His body flashed and merged into light and nothing was seen on the stage and after a few days he met many of his disciples on many occasions. Thus he proved that an Adept is able to dematerialize his body into five Tattvas. He was a master of Surya Siddhanta. He showed to the public that there is enormous power in the sunlight by which one flower can be converted into another flower, one metal into another metal, with the help of a microscope, which he brought from Jnanaganja Ashram. He was saying that science still had to make more and more researches on the sunlight so that in due course of time people will come to learn more and more about the power of the sunlight through those researches. Out of every inch of his body a pleasant, wonderful fragrance of flowers was oozing all the twenty four hours of the day. That is why people used to call him Gandhababa.

Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji had no Guru in His present life. He was a scientific, philosophical Yogi. It was through Shiva-yoga that He was able to open His third eye. According to His explanation the human eyes pour out energy. The eyes contain the optic nerves, which are the prolongation of the brain. When the brain radiations are measured with an electroencephalogram, the energies given off by the eyes are seen as a part of diencephalon. The knowledge about the inner working of the eye is of vital importance as it is concerned with the opening of the third eye. Functioning of the third eye requires an intake of energy through the Ajna Chakra, or brow Chakra, which is connected with the pineal gland in the Sahasrara Chakra, through the optic thalamic nerve. The lens of the third eye is in front of the forehead and is constructed within the perifery of the magnetic aura.

The explanation about Shiva-yoga given by Shri Swamiji is most scientific and it is possible for everybody to practise it.

After opening His third eye Shri Swamiji was able to know His existence in His last birth and His existence in His future birth also. He was a most wonderful man of 20th century. In His last birth, when He was a child of eight years, one Sadhu showed some chamatkaras (miracles) and asked him whether he would come with him to learn those chamatkaras. The boy said «yes» and Sadhu immediately took him through the air to Jnanaganja Ashram. Eventually, the boy refused to attain the adepthood in order to live thousands of years working for the benefit of the mankind. «Instead», he said, «I will work for the mankind now in this life only and I will go to the Feet of God. I want to enjoy the bliss of God Almighty. I don’t want to work as a mediator between man and God.» Then Swami Neemanandaji said,«It is extremely difficult to go to the Feet of the Lord directly. You have to work very hard, you have to raise the minds of human being on this earth to such an extent that they become pious … so that they always do good and they work not for their own benefit but for the benefit of their fellow-beings. It is impossible to accomplish such work within a short span of one life only. You have to live thousands of years, that is why I want to give you adepthood.» Still, the boy said, «No, Sir, I want to enjoy the bliss of God, regardless of the number of lives.» Guruji said, «Be it so – Tathastu.»

He had made Tapasya (austerities) for many years and finally left his body. After that he reappeared on this Earth as Shri Kumarswamiji, as we were able to see Him, as we were able to enjoy His bliss and His graceful Godliness. We were so lucky. In this present life, after opening His third eye through Shiva-yoga, He recollected his past life and Swami Neemanandaji of Jnanaganja Ashram and again came in contact with him, accepting him once again as his Guru in this life, asking him to give him strength to serve the mankind and to make people know about the technique of opening the third eye. Guruji said, «Tathastu – be it so.» Shri Swamiji then started touring India up and down, East and West. He started touring the whole world, telling all the people in the Universe about the scientific Yoga and philosophical Yoga and He made this Yoga so simple and named it Shiva-yoga. He never criticized other religion, He was ever so kind and loving and would always forgive people’s faults and sins. One day I asked Him, «Swamiji, you always forgive a person even though he makes the gravest mistake. In doing so, don’t you think that people will commit more and more sins and come to you to get forgiveness?» Shri Swamiji clarified, «You are mistaken. I will forgive the person so that in future he should improve himself. But mind well, I never forgive the sin which he has already committed. He has to suffer for his sin. There is no alternative for that. Even God himself cannot forgive the sin which has already been committed. Everyone has to suffer for their past deeds.» Then I was convinced about Swamiji’s forgiveness. He was teaching that every religion is good, every Yoga is good and Shiva-yoga is the simplest of all Yogas and can be practised by men and women of any age, any caste, any religion and at any time. This will lead you to open your third eye. Then you will know the past and future, you will know heaven and hell. Be good and do good and you will be nearer to God. God is the shorter form of Good. Learn always to give and forgive and don’t learn to get and forget. Shri Swamiji’s famous saying is, «God gives and forgives and man gets and forgets. He who gives and forgives is nearer to God.» This message had been continuously spread throughout the world, through all the 87 years of his life. After spreading Shiva-yoga, the simplest yoga, and after explaining to all the people the yogic philosophy throughout his whole life, it very much pained Him that nobody was able to follow Him. The people in the world became more and more crooked and vicious. Swamiji went to his Guru Shri Neemanandaji in Jnanaganja Ashram and actually shed tears admitting his failure to enlighten the mankind. Guruji again said, «Do you want to attain the adepthood?» Swamiji immediately said, «No, I want to enjoy the bliss of God at His Feet.» Then Guruji calmly said, «Your mission in this world is still incomplete. You have to try further to enlighten the mankind in a more scientific way. Be successful, my boy! Take Paramahansa Vishuddhanandji with you, he will help you in your mission. Be successful. «Tathastu – be it so.»

After taking the benediction from his Guruji, Shri Swamiji met Paramahansa Vishuddhanandji Gandhababa, who also happened to be the disciple of Swami Neemanandaji and who had attained adepthood. Our Swamiji came back to Tapovan, inviting Gandhababa to stay in Tapovan and help him in his great mission.

Gandhababa told him to construct a residence for him. He put certain conditions, «The building shall be simple, containing only one room but it shall be constructed from your own money. No donations from the public shall be accepted. It shall be kept very pure and purity must be maintained throughout the ages. It shall be open to the public for only one day in a month. Before entering the Temple people shall take bath and wear washed, fresh white clothes and then sit in the Temple maintaining perfect silence for 15 minutes. Children below the age of 18 years shall not be allowed and ladies during menstruation period shall not be allowed. And you (i.e. Swamiji) must put all the yogic, mantric and the tantric powers which you have attained in your lifetime in this Temple.» Swamiji accepted all these conditions put forth by Gandhababaji and very boldly added one more condition for entering this building – that those who are desirous of taking the Darshan should write the Mahamantra (Great Mantra) //He Prabho Praseed Aum// 1008 times before entering the Temple.

Shri Swamiji started the construction of this building. Now we come to know another aspect of his perfection in all the sciences, this time, the science of architecture. He explained every aspect of this building, how it is to be constructed and what Yoga is to be depicted and what tantric diagram is to be drawn and what Mantras are to be exhibited, which stones are to be used and how they are to be fixed and so on. The main structure of this building is contained in its roof. This is made of Shri Chakra which depicts the seven Chakras of the astral body and seven colours of the spectrum. In each Chakra, the seed Mantra is fixed. Many of Shri Swamiji’s famous sayings are written on the outer side of the walls in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Kannada languages. Water is standing around the building on a marble floor. It depicts the fluid force and maintains the purity of the building. When the most decorative teak wood door is opened, inside the building you will be able to see the seven basic Mantras in golden letters on the seven colours of the spectrum, each depicting the Tattva of which the human body is composed – Prithvi, Aap, Tejas, Vayu, Akash, Atmatattva and Paramatattva. The silver footprints of the great Adepts who are entering into the Mantras and coming out through the Mantras to the front side are just symbolic. The Paramadharma Chakra, which was bestowed to Swamiji at the Conference of the World Religions, is placed in the centre in honour of Swamiji for His mission in combining all the religions of the world. Immediately on completion of the construction of this building Shri Swamiji placed all His yogic and mantric power which He attained throughout His lifetime, in the Mantras in Divya Devalaya thereupon leaving His mortal body.

A few days before leaving His physical body, Shri Swamiji said that His physical body had become very old. His sadhana was NOT complete. He was not able to work further that was why He would like to leave the body and obtain a new body in the new form. In His new body will come over to Tapovan and he will get the Darshan of Divya (Divine) Mantras in Divya Devalaya. Immediately on getting the Darshan he will attain the knowledge of his last life – the life of Param-poojya Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji. He will give his recognition and he will stay in Tapovan. He will study philosophy and religion, perform Tapasya for twelve years in Shantivan of Tapovan and at the age of 36 he will leave his body.

Thus it took Swamiji to traverse through three lives to reach God, by Jnanamarga (the Path of Knowledge). This is the story of Jnanamarga which he practised endlessly and ceaselessly through lives and lives. But there is another simple way – simple Marga, i.e., Bhaktimarga (the Path of Devotion). In Bhaktimarga you have to do the service to Guru, service for the sake of service, without ever demanding anything in return. Such service is called Nishakama Seva (selfless service). This is service and only service, in return it is service and only service. There is no separate existence of Bhakta. It is Guru and only Guru. Such Nishkama Seva is done by our Swamiji’s servant Shri Balbhim. He has never demanded anything from Swamiji. He is a servant and he remains a servant even when Swamiji appears in His new body. He will serve Him for another twelve years; now he is older than Swamiji. As a result of this Nishkama Seva, Swamiji has to take Balbhim with Him to heaven to the Feet of God to enjoy the bliss of God. This he can get in one life only without doing anything and without serving all the mankind. Service to Guru has got such importance. It is extremely difficult. You have to dedicate your life. But still it is easier than Jnanamarga which Swamiji himself practised.


Param Poojya Shri Swamiji’s ardent and principal disciple – Shri Balbhim Anna

Now only one point I have to cover. There may be doubt in your mind and you may ask me, «Swamiji has left his mortal body and you say that He is again coming back in a new body. Then is it that, there is nothing left in Tapovan?» This is a very important question and I will reply in detail.

Man has got one physical body which is seen by our naked eyes and six other bodies around this physical body which are not seen by our normal eyes but can be seen with the third eye. Thus there are total seven bodies. They are:

1) Annamaya Kosha,

2) Pranamaya Kosha,

3) Manomaya Kosha,

4) Tapomaya Kosha,

5) Jnanamaya Kosha,

6) Vijnanamaya Kosha,

7) Anandmaya Kosha.

These again represent the seven TattvasPrithvi, Aap, Tejas, Vayu, Akash, Atmatattva and Paramatattva. When a Jeeva (soul) leaves the body, from 1st Kosha, i.e., Annamaya Kosha, this is so in case of an ordinary man – the body is mixed with the earth and the remaining 6 bodies will go with the Jeeva. The body decomposes and nothing is left behind. When the Jeeva leaves the body from Manomaya Kosha, the two astral bodies – Pranamaya Kosha and Manomaya Kosha will remain with the physical body and other 4 bodies will go with the Jeeva. In case of Swamiji, He left his Jeeva from the fifth body, i.e., Jnanamaya Kosha so only the two bodies – Vijnanamaya Kosha and Anandmaya Kosha went with the Jeeva and five bodies have remained in this place, out of which one body is mixed with the earth and other four bodies are around the physical body. Shri Swamiji is the only person who has left the body from Jnanamaya Kosha after Saint Jnaneshwar who also left his body from Jnanamaya Kosha in 12th century. He took Jeevant Samadhi. Jnanamaya Kosha corresponds to Akash Tattva. Shri Swamiji can move throughout the world with the speed of light and do the deed of benefit to the mankind endlessly and ceaselessly, just as Adepts do. The only difference is that He cannot appear before you physically by materializing His old body. But we can see Him in our dreams, we can feel His presence in Ishtalinga, during Shiva-yoga practice and we can hear His talk also. Thus His four bodies will continue to work here in Tapovan forever till the Sun and the Moon are seen in the solar system. His Jnanamaya Kosha corresponding to Akash Tattva can traverse to any corner of the world and wherever you are, wherever you meditate to feel Swamiji, you can see Swamiji. So you have nothing to worry about and nothing to suspect.

We are proud of our Swamiji, proud of His servant and also we are proud of ourselves being the disciples of such a great Tapasvi.