Yoga Science

Yoga has much to offer to you. It teaches you how to breathe correctly, correct breathing refreshes you both in body and mind. It teaches you how to relax completely, complete relaxation restores your vitality. It teaches you how to practise Asanas which, if properly done, protect you against cold, fever, constipation, headache and other troubles. It teaches you what to eat and what not to eat and judicious eating preserves your health. It teaches you how to meditate and meticulous meditation keeps your mind calm, collected and well balanced. Finally, it teaches you what to do in order to remain younger and live longer, regardless of your calendar age.

Man’s deep yearning for eternal youth is as old as the race. Goethe immortalized it in his Faust who bartered away his soul to Mephistopheles for the gift of undying youth. Goethe’s masterpiece touches a sympathetic cord in all, for there is a Faust in every one of us. Years of patient research and tons of gold bars have been spent by mankind throughout the ages, in its attempt to find a way to perpetuate youth and prolong the span of life. High priests and alchemists of ancient times as well as scientists and surgeons in our days have all been and still are engaged in the pursuit of discovering the mysterious fount of youth. So far the secret still eludes the grasp and the best we have been able to do is to create an illusion of youth through mechanical aids – false teeth, dyed hair, face-lift. But the real problem remains unsolved. Only the Yoga science has been able to achieve definite results in preserving the vigour and youth of the body.